The List

So here it is. Pitchforks top 5 Albums of the year:

05 The Weeknd – House Of Balloons
04 Fucked Up – David Comes To Life
03 Bon Iver – Bon Iver
02 Drake – Take Care
01 Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

I agree with the first place (considering that Pitchfork is mostly an Indie Blog), Father, Son, Holy Ghost is a hell of an album. All the tracks are masterpieces.

“If Father were merely a

n exceptionally recorded album built on obvious nods to the past, it wouldn’t add up to much. Instead, the record comes alive with color and personality largely thanks to Girls’ singer and songwriter Christopher Owens. He has a preternatural gift for turning clichés into into deeply affecting songs, and as they jump from one style to the next, from delicate acoustic balladry to noisy rave-ups, Owens’ voice and point of view ground the record and make it distinctive. He is the center. As long as he is writing and singing, no matter what else is going on and being referenced, the music will be utterly his.”

Read the full review here:

But if you asked me for a top 5 list of this years best albums, it’d be something like this:

5 Angles – The Strokes

4 Dye It Blonde – Smith Westerns

Suck It And See – Arctic Monkeys

1 Father, Son, Holy Ghost – Girls

1 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Yes, no need to panic. I just couldn’t decide which album I like better, so they’re both number 1 for me. This is my blog, I can do whatever I want ;) Seriously, it’s up to my mood, really.

Alex Petridis Wrote:

It’s hard not to wish there was more here like it: High Flying Birds pushes gently at some boundaries Gallagher might have considered kicking over altogether. Perhaps his trepidation has something to do with the relative commercial failure of his brother’s album with Beady Eye. Certainly, these days Liam sounds like he’s threatening, rather than promising, to release more material. Maybe the fear that he’d end up in a similar situation if he presented anything too radical reined Noel in: you can never underestimate the power of sibling rivalry. Maybe he’s saving the big push into unknown territories for his forthcoming collaboration with psychedelic collective Amorphous Androgynous. Or maybe this is as good as it gets. For now, it’ll do that it’s a more enjoyable album than Oasis’ latter-day catalogue. At the risk of handing out some well-worn advice, anyone hoping to hear a radical departure might be recommended to hold on.

Let’s wish they all keep recording great stuff in the years to come.

Art vs. Art

What is art?

Who can say. For me art is the exposure of human beauty as a whole. Maybe for some of you, Wrestling is art.

We live in a world where everyone seems to know too much. Everyone seems to be smart, everyone seems to be special. But are we all that? Are we all special? I don’t buy that, but I do believe everyone is unique.

Again, what is art? is that the real question, or should it be: “What is artistic for me?” “What fills my need for entertainment and beauty?”

I read this on the Wikipedia, and I believe it’s a great description:

“Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect.”

Of course some types of art are quite more difficult, like Classical Music, or Realistic paintings, and thats the reason I wanted to write this.

Philosopher Richard Wollheim distinguishes three approaches to assessing the aesthetic value of art:

  • the realist, whereby aesthetic quality is an absolute value independent of any human view
  • the objectivist, whereby it is also an absolute value, but is dependent on general human experience
  • the relativist position, whereby it is not an absolute value, but depends on, and varies with, the human experience of different humans.

I don’t think I could compare a piece of crap standing on a white plate with a Monet Painting. What kind of human experience does it takes to admire that? Even Freud would be amazed!

Not that i’m a purist, but lets be serious, it takes a fucking lot more of talent to paint The Girl With The Pearl Earing than Piet Mondrian’s Composition No. 10 or abstractionistic crap (in painting, because I love it in arquiteture, ask mr. Niemayer).

Lets try not to live in a state of anhedonia.



O quanto eu te falei?
Que isso vai mudar
Motivo eu nunca dei
Você me avisar, me ensinar
Falar do que foi pra você
Não vai me livrar de viver

Quem é mais sentimental que eu?
Eu disse e nem assim se pôde evitar

De tanto eu te falar
Você subverteu o que era um sentimento e assim
Fez dele razão pra se perder
No abismo que é pensar e sentir

Ela é mais sentimental que eu
Então fica bem
Se eu sofro um pouco mais

"Se ela te fala assim, com tantos rodeios, é pra te seduzir e te
Ver buscando o sentido daquilo que você ouviria displicentemente.
Se ela te fosse direta, você a rejeitaria."

Eu só aceito a condição de ter você só pra mim
Eu sei, não é assim, mas deixa
Eu só aceito a condição de ter você só pra mim
Eu sei, não é assim, mas deixa eu fingir e rir.

Photo by Helmut Newton

Text by Rodrigo Amarante

Cortinas En El Horizonte


Aunque duele,
Saber que el pasado quedo atrás
Y no volverá, me atravesara
La flecha viva del destino
Que desatino
No volverá, ah ah ah

La vida corre como un trueno
sin freno, listo para cortar
y sin saber
Me ahogué en el océano del amor
Que dolor, que sabor

Amargo como tus labios
Como dicen los sabios
“Ya no se que perdonar,
Ya no se que olvidar
Solo se que no amar
Es la salida fácil”

Y corro hacia la nada, solo sigo
Corriendo, ni se si hacia atrás
Con miedo de olvidar
Dispuesto a olvidar
Solo quiero olvidar
Lo que no puedo borrar

De mi mente solo yo sé
Es que ya ni puedo creer
En lo que no puedo ver,
Si puedo, o quiero crecer de nuevo
No dispongo saber

How Does It Feel?

Why Is it so hard to handle?
Can’t even turn on a candle
Why Is life being so tough with me?
If I tried so hard to  believe

When I need to see the moonlight
‘Cause i’m covered by darkness
You take my hand so softly
You make me feel like i’m flying

I’m flying over the souls
I’m flying over the blues
I’m flying over the sun
I’m flying over you

I see coloured balls
all over the fields
I see people in love
I wonder “How does it feel?”

When I need to see the moonlight
‘Cause i’m covered by darkness
You take my hand so softly
You make me yeah
You make me feel like i’m flying

Thur’s Day (Or Natalie’s?)

I love long trips. I love road trips, plane trips, boat trips, acid trips, balloon trips and submarine trips. There’s only one thing I hate about traveling: it’s getting too fucking expensive. Read this:

Darren Katz, president of a communications company in Atlanta, said he still planned to vacation in Italy this summer with his family, but watching the dollar plunge against the euro has made him nervous about the trip’s rising cost.

“We planned this trip probably over a year ago and so as the dollar has slipped, everything that we’re planning on doing is becoming exponentially more expensive,” he said.

Americans are economizing on trips to Europe by opting for hotel rates guaranteed in dollars, buying all-inclusive packages or cruises or shortening their trips.

“They’re really being more savvy and resourceful and taking advantage of all the discounts and offers available to them,” said Mona Hamouly, a spokeswoman for American Express Travel. That same pattern is reflected in the business travel market, according to Matthew Patterson, global project manager for Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

“That’s the biggest change I’ve seen for the past three to six months: companies are trying to make smarter buying decisions,” he said.

These efforts include encouraging employees to book tickets earlier for lower fares, requiring them to choose flights based on price rather than departure time or reining in spending on meals.

I found a method that can help people save some money (if You live in South America, needless to say): Take the plane from Venezuela. (WHAT? Are you kidd…) they have all the oil in the world. Oil means gas, gas means movement, movement means getting the hell out of wherever you are.

But why doesn’t the same logic apply to Colombia?

“It (the oil) gets expensive because the supply instability that is possible due to a deepening Middle East conflict, causes the Oil speculators and traders to panic and buy up what they think is “cheap” oil. Even a few tankers of oil, not being shipped can cause a bidding war by countries that need the remaining oil.
If the problems settle down then speculators lose a lot of money. If the problems worsen then they make a lot of money. American and world intervention is merely a sign that the oil supply is being threatened, nothing more than that.

If Saudi were to fall completely into the hands of Fundamentalist Islamists (that are already active in Saudi) the supply could stop and oil would skyrocket to $250 a barrel overnight!”

And who’s scared of that? Who made a whole war to take control of middle east? Who controls Colombia? Think about it.

Let’s move to another topic: I’m going to Brasil everyone :) I’m gonna get to see my mom after almost four (yes, 4) years! I’m quite anxious to see how everything changed, or didn’t, how my little brothers aren’t so little anymore, my sister’s new business, etc. It’s like waiting to see your favorite movie’s remake. You’re scared because it might shitte, maybe it’s not even close to the original, but you’re excited, because on the other side, it could be a thousand times better.

So, who didn’t like Thor? (Comic Book fan says “Me! It has nothing to do with the original story!” “Shut up, you freak!”) I gotta say, I did like it. I always liked the original legend, so the movie was promising from the beginning. And Natalie Portman was there. That’s a 10. She’s a ten. Shut up.

According to Wikipedia:

In Norse mythology, Thor (from Old Norse Þórr) is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, destruction, fertility, healing, and the protection of mankind. The cognate deity in wider Germanic mythology and paganism was known in Old English as Þunor and in Old High German as Donar (runic þonar ᚦᛟᚾᚨᚱ), stemming from a Common Germanic *Þunraz (meaning “thunder“).

Ultimately stemming from Proto-Indo-European religion, Thor is a prominently mentioned god throughout the recorded history of the Germanic peoples, from the Roman occupation of regions of Germania, to the tribal expansions of the Migration Period, to his high popularity during the Viking Age, when, in the face of the process of the Christianization of Scandinavia, emblems of his hammer, Mjöllnir, were worn in defiance and Norse pagan personal names containing the name of the god bear witness to his popularity. Into the modern period, Thor continued to be acknowledged in rural folklore throughout Germanic regions. Thor is frequently referred to in place names, the day of the week Thursday (“Thor’s day”) bears his name, and names stemming from the pagan period containing his own continue to be used today.”

Thor’s Day. Thursday. Ground.

Palm of my Hand
Words were coming out, one by one they flowed out from my hands
Years later I realized they were like dark stars rising up in a cursed land
I promised myself, once and again, I’d never let them hurt anyone else
But couldn’t hold my pen last Autumn, as the last green leaf turned yellow and fell

A Man Who Did What He Could

Yesterday I watched lan amazing movie. It’s called the Schinidler’s List, directed by Steven Spilberg, based in a real case. And I swear to God, I cried.

It tells the story of Oskar Schinidler, a german bussiness man who saved the life of over 1200 jews during the WW2.

Where no-one would have believed it possible, Schindler succeeded. He was granted permission to move the whole of his factory from Plaszow to Brunnlitz in occupied Czechoslovakia and furthermore, unheard of before, take all his workers with him. In this way, the 1,098 workers who had been written on Schindler`s list in connection with the removal avoided sharing the fate of the other 25,000 men, women and children of Plaszow who were sent without mercy to extermination in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, only 60 kilometers from Plaszow.

Until the liberation of spring, 1945, Oscar Schindler used all means at his disposal to ensure the safety of his Schindler-Jews. He spent every pfennig he had, and even Emilie Schindler`s jewels were sold, to buy food, clothes, and medicine. He set up a secret sanatorium in the factory with medical equipment purchased on the black market. Here Emilie Schindler looked after the sick. Those who did not survive were given a fitting Jewish burial in a hidden graveyard – established and paid for by Schindler.

Later accounts have revealed that Schindler spent something like 4 million German marks keeping his Jews out of the death camps – an enormous sum of money for those times.

Schindler earned the everlasting gratitude of his Schindlerjews. No matter why, no matter that he was an alcoholic and a shameless womanisor of the worst sort, no matter that he was no saint and left his wife – what matters to his Jews is that he surfaced from the chaos of madness and risked everything for them.
Generations will remember him for what he did. No matter how many businesses Schindler failed in, he was a success in life ..

This is a letter written in 1945 by Oscar Schindler’s former workers, signed: Isaak Stern, former employee Pal. Office in Krakow,Dr. Hilfstein, Chaim Salpeter, Former President of the Zionist Executive in Krakow for Galicia and Silesia.

We, the undersigned Jews from Krakow, inmates of Plaszow concentration camp, have, since 1942, worked inDirector Schindler’s business. Since Schindler took over management of the business, it was his exclusive goal to protect us from resettlement, which would have meant our ultimate liquidation. During the entire period in which we worked for Director Schindler he did everything possible to save the lives of the greatest possible number of Jews, in spite of the tremendous difficulties; especially during a time when receiving Jewish workers caused great difficulties with the authorities.  Director Schindler took care of our sustenance, and as a result, during the   whole period of our employment by him there was not a single case of unnatural death. All in all he employed more than 1,000 Jews in Krakow. As the Russian frontline approached and it became necessary to transfer us to a different concentration camp, Director Schindler relocated his business to Bruennlitz near Zwittau.

There were huge difficulties connected with the implementation of Director Schindler’s business, and he took great pains to introduce this plan. The fact that he attained permission to create a camp, in which not only women and men, but also families could stay together, is unique within the territory of the Reich. Special mention must be given to the fact that our resettlement to Bruennlitz was carried out by way of a list of names, put together in Krakow and approved by the Central Administration of all concentration camps in Oranienburg (a unique case). After the men had been interned in Gross-Rosen concentration camp for no more than a couple of days and the women for 3 weeks in Auschwitz concentration camp, we may claim with assertiveness that with our arrival in Bruennlitz we owe our lives solely to the efforts of Director Schindler and his humane treatment of his workers. Director Schindler took care of the improvement of our living standards by providing us with extra food and clothing. No money was spared and his one and only goal was the humanistic ideal of saving our lives from inevitable death.
It is only thanks to the ceaseless efforts and interventions of Director Schindler with the authorities in question, that we stayed in Bruennlitz, in spite of the existing danger, as, with the approaching frontline we would all have been moved away by the leaders of the camp, which would have meant our ultimate end. This we declare today, on this day of the declaration of the end of the war, as we await our official liberation and the opportunity to return to our destroyed families and homes. Here we are, a gathering of 1100 people, 800 men and 300 women.

All Jewish workers, that were inmates in the Gross-Rosen and Auschwitz concentration camps respectively declare wholeheartedly their gratitude towards Director Schindler, and we herewith state that it is exclusively due to his efforts, that we were permitted to witness this moment, the end of the war.
Concerning Director Schindler’s treatment of the Jews, one event that took place during our internment in Bruennlitz in January of this year which deserves special mention was coincidentally a transport of Jewish inmates, that had been evacuated from the Auschwitz concentration camp, Goleschow outpost, and ended up near us. This transport consisted exclusively of more than 100 sick people from a hospital which had been cleared during the liquidation of the camp. These people reached us frozen and almost unable to carry on living after having wandered for weeks.

No other camp was willing to accept this transport and it was Director Schindler alone who personally took care of these people, while giving them shelter on his factory premises; even though there was not the slightest chance of them ever being employed. He gave considerable sums out of his own private funds, to enable their recovery as quick as possible. He organized medical aid and established a special hospital room for those people who were bedridden. It was only because of his personal care that it was possible to save 80 of these people from their inevitable death and to restore them to life.

We sincerely plead with you to help Director Schindler in any way possible, and especially to enable him to establish a new life, because of all he did for us both in Krakow and in Bruennlitz he sacrificed his entire fortune.
Bruennlitz, May 8, 1945.”                                                                     

Translated from the original document in German
Source: The Oscar Schindler file, Department of Righteous among the Nations, Yad Vashem
YAD VASHEM, The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority

Rest in peace Oskar Schinidler.

Imaginary Interview with Woody Allen

Here’s a Imaginary interview with Woody Allen. No, not the cowboy from Toy Story. (Oh oh oh I know! Lily Allen’s father!!) No! What are you thinking ab… (Shut up man! Woody Allen, the guy  from Antz)…that’s correct, but he ain’t just  “The guy  from Antz”. Ladies and Gentleman, Woody Allen is one of  the most brilliant movie director, writer, actor and producer ever.

This post is sort of a collage of Allen’s best interviews over the years, which I carefully selected and puted together here. I added a few lines to make it look more realistic, more personal, I know you’re gonna like it.

“I get to Allen’s place 10 minutes early. I wanna be prepared for this interview.”

He’s making his breakfast, which, despite living for many years with a household staff including chauffeurs and cooks, he makes himself, in the same way he has every morning since he was a child living in an overcrowded apartment in Brooklyn: a bowl of Cheerios, with raisins and topped with a banana, which must be cut into exactly seven slices.

‘I’m very superstitious,’ he explains, ‘about a lot of things.’

He asks his wife for a cup of coffee. -I can’t live without this. At a certain age, you conclude that greatness is not in you.- he says.

I take out my pen and a sheet of paper. The interview begins.

What’s Woody Allen’s six favourite Woody Allen movies?

“There are a few better than others, half a dozen, but it’s a surprising paucity of worthwhile celluloid. My six favorites are Purple Rose of Cairo, Match Point, Bullets Over Broadway, Zelig, Husbands and Wives, andVicky Cristina Barcelona.”

Are you a philosophist?

“Human Beings are divided into mind and body. The mind embraces all the nobler aspirations, like poetry and philosophy, but the body has all the fun.”

Are You proud of being Jew?

“To be a Jew was not something that I felt ‘Oh, God, I’m so lucky.’ Or ‘Gee, I wish I were something else. It just happened.”

Are You worried of being too old as to enjoy life?

“I want you to enjoy me. My wry sense of humor and astonishing sexual technique.”

What do you think are the basic elements that turn a romantic comedy into a classic?

“You find that, over the years, certain comedies remain fun to see fifty years later and other romantic comedies, which were delightful for people at the time, do not. When I was a boy, I went to see many films that were delightful romantic comedies with June Allyson and Esther Williams and Gloria DeHaven and I liked them just fine. But now they’ve kind of vanished. And there were others I saw, like The Shop Around the Corner, that year after year remain wonderful films. You look up after many years and you find that a movie has become a classic because it has become meaningful to people and remains alive decade after decade.”

When you were interviewed about the characters in your film, Interiors, you said, “There’s something of me in all of these characters.” Does that statement apply to all of your films?

“Hmmm. This film was an attempt to deal with the same subject, but in a more comic way than Interiors.”. The subject matter is still the same thing. It’s still about the inability of people to relate to one another and people deluding themselves into some sense that there’s some extra meaning to life when it is, in fact, just a meaningless experience. And yet, in the end, even faith of some kind is better than no faith at all. Years ago, I was on a television show with Billy Graham and I was taking this position of a bleak outlook on life. Billy Graham said to me that even if I was right and he was wrong—even if there was no meaning to life and it was a bleak experience that he would still have a better life than me. Even if he was 100% wrong, our lives would still both be completed and I would’ve had a miserable life wallowing in a bleak outlook. He would’ve had a wonderful life, confident that there was more. And so that was one of the main themes of this picture.

You’ve made over 40 films. Is there anything left that you have a burning desire to achieve?

I’d like to make a great movie. I’ve made many movies. I think I’ve made some good movies. I don’t think I’ve ever made a great movie. If you think about movies like Rashoman or The Bicycle Thief or 8½ or Grand Illusion, I don’t think I’ve ever made a film that could be on a program with those films. I’m not saying this out of false modesty or self-deprecation. Realistically, those are enormous achievements. I’d like to make something like that. It would be fun. But you can’t set out to do that. You get lucky and if you work enough, maybe one of them turns out to be terrific. But so far, that hasn’t happened.”

What about your films, with their metaphysical preoccupations? The references to Kierkegaard?

‘I’ve always been obsessed with mortality and subjects that are, by accident, more philosophical than topical. I would never want to make a film about gay rights, or abortion, or black civil liberties – they don’t interest me artistically.

‘The things that interested me turned out to be philosophical themes: Why are we here? And why is it so terrible?’

Still, I suggest, these are hardly unintellectual concerns.

‘Well – they’re given more weight than…’ he trails off. ‘I mean, I have nothing to add to those subjects. I can only complain about them.’

What was the last film you saw that you really liked?

‘Oh, God. This is…’ he begins, and then considers the question for a long time in silence. ‘Hmm. Oh. Gee, I don’t know. I haven’t seen anything I loved recently, and I’ve seen a lot of pictures.

Even the hi-tech spectacle of Avatar has passed me by. The last 3D movie I saw was the House of Wax.

I’ve heard good things about the James Cameron juggernaut, Diane Keaton said it was just great and that, you know, the 3D was great.’

(Eventually, he gives up; later, he mentions that he enjoyed the French prison thriller Un Prophète; and the following day, through his assistant, he also recommends his friend Roman Polanski’s The Ghost.)

Has Technology catched you?

‘I’ve never emailed anyone in my life, or received an email. I wouldn’t know how to do that,’ he tells me. ‘I have no interest in it. I don’t own a computer, you know, or any of that stuff..

‘Each one of my kids has a computer for school, and they work it. And one of them has a…

(He pauses for a moment, as if fixing his grasp on a prickly fragment of a foreign language)


(It’s a surprise, then, to find our conversation interrupted by a ringtone sounding from Allen’s trouser pocket, and see him pull out an iPhone.)

I need it to practise the clarinet whenI travel-he explains-.

When I go away to Paris, or to anyplace, I have 1,200 jazz records in this. So when I have to practise, I put on my earphones and I can play with all those New Orleans bands.’


This is why events unnerve me,
They find it all, a different story,
Notice whom for wheels are turning,
Turn again and turn towards this time,
All she ask’s the strength to hold me,
Then again the same old story,
World will travel, oh so quickly,
Travel first and lean towards this time.

Oh, I’ll break them down, no mercy shown,
Heaven knows, it’s got to be this time,
Watching her, these things she said,
The times she cried,
Too frail to wake this time.

Oh I’ll break them down, no mercy shown
Heaven knows, it’s got to be this time,
Avenues all lined with trees,
Picture me and then you start watching,
Watching forever, forever,
Watching love grow, forever,
Letting me know, forever.

Who Feels Love?

Found what I lost inside
My spirit has been purified
Take a thorn from my pride
And hand in hand we’ll take a walk outside

Thank you for the sun the one that shines on everyone
Who feels love
Now there’s a million years between my fantasies and fears
I feel love

I’m leaving all that I see
Now all my emotions fill the air I breathe

Now you understand that this is not the promised land they spoke of
There’s nothing more to be if you can be the remedy who heals love

I thank you for the sun the one that shines on everyone
Who feels love
Now there’s a million years between my fantasies and fears
I feel love
I thank you for the sun the one that shines on everyone
who feels love
Now there’s a million years between my fantasies and fears
I feel love


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